Top 5 [Unconventional] Mindset Hacks To Goal Setting

Tired of wasting your time creating goals that fail?  Here’s what might be up and how to hack the “system”…


We’ve all set them. 

We’ve painstakingly mapped out our greatest desires in the form of goals backed by the potential thrill of achievement that comes along with CRUSHING them.

Heck, we’ve even paid professionals to hone them and then “hold us accountable” only to have them fade into the background months, weeks, even days later. 

But you did all the things!  You followed the system.  Your goals – they were even SMART for goodness sakes – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound.  (Attaboy! Way to follow the rules!)  

So, what gives?  You begin to get frustrated and ask, “Why does goal setting fail me time and time again!?”

That answer is in the question, my dear Watson.  More on that in a moment.

Why does goal setting fail me…” – The real question is, why do you BELIEVE that goal setting is failing you?  Why does this “tried and true” system never seem to work out?  Because that has been your experience, that’s why.  That right there should be evidence enough, right? 

But wait!  There’s more.  Ponder these, too… 

What are you thinking of / focused upon as you’re setting these goals?

What is it that you are TRULY attempting to accomplish?

Do you see or can you envision yourself having attained them?

What do others think of your goal setting?

Breaking down these 5 [albeit unconventional] questions will give you 5 ways to hack the mind and help shift perspective in a way that actually supports your mission. 

Let’s do it.

“Why does goal setting fail me?”

This one is the easiest of them all… Because you just declared it.  Right there in the question – you already determined your fate!  How many times do you do something in life, on any given subject, and think “This is not going to work!” only to succumb to that self-fulfilling prophecy?  Simply shifting your perspective and backing your effort with belief rather than doubt is the first step in bringing you a lot farther along in your goal setting journey.

What are you thinking of / focused upon as you’re setting these goals?

Science has proven time and time again that something which is focused upon receives a whole different level of energy than something that is not.  Where you put your focus is truly crucial!  Take driving, for example.  Where do you place your attention or your focus – directly in front of the vehicle, at the tip of the nose, or do you place your sights on where you’re going and span your gaze across the entire windshield?  The first option will have you racking up a pretty hefty accident record.  Goal Setting is no different.  Focusing on the teeny tiny details rather than the big picture will prove to be disastrous as it causes overwhelm and can often cause confusion.

What is it that you are TRULY attempting to accomplish?

This one can be a bit tricky as it may cause you to form a different perspective.  The real question here is are you trying to solve a problem or are you truly interested in creating something?  The difference in the answer will spell life or death to your goals.  Trying to solve a problem will only create more problems because that’s where you are and that’s what you are doing, so therefore more of that must appear.  If you are, instead, looking to CREATE something just because it seems like a fun thing to do or is a fun way to go about accomplishing something then BOOM!  You have ease, flow, and clarity.  The path to creation and the path of problem solving are two totally different animals that we will save for another day, but it’s definitely worth considering here.

Do you see yourself or can you envision having attained them?

Drag out the vision boards!  That’s what every good Goal Setter does, right?  Well… yes and no.  It totally depends on HOW you use that vision board and if you’re the crafty type that enjoys that sort of thing.  Vision boards, affirmations, scripting – those things are great, but if you don’t employ the belief that your goals are attainable and, better yet, you can’t “go there” in your mind and FEEL what it would be like to already have achieved them, then you’re about to experience that self-fulfilling prophecy thing regarding failure again.  In order to use those types of modalities or to simply fast-track your results, you absolutely must spend time “daydreaming” your desires into reality.  And by daydreaming, I mean you must visualize yourself experiencing your goal NOW and FEEL into what it would be like to have that experience.  Here’s where you truly need to pay full out, spending as much time as possible putting yourself in the shoes of the you who’s already accomplished the goal(s). 

What do others think of your goal setting?

If you are the mentally strong type who can become completely emotionally unavailable to those who wish to steal your thunder or who “worry so much about you,” then kudos to YOU!  (No, seriously.  I mean that with my whole heart. It took this girl DECADES to accomplish that feat!). For the vast majority of the population trying to make a go of it out there the opinions and thoughts of others can definitely get in the way.  So how do you recognize and ultimately overcome that?  It starts with the realization that even though you may THINK that others are judging you, it’s actually YOU who is judging you.  If you were not judging your darn self first, then it would never even cross your radar that others may be judging you.  You wouldn’t recognize it!  You would fail to realize the judgment the same way there would be no noise if a tree fell in the woods and there was no one there to hear it.  There must be a thought already created in order to have it show up.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s another example – you’ve seen them.  People who are clearly being judged by others, yet they truly don’t know it!  So, because there is not attention or focus being given, there is no impact.  You can do the same through practicing the choice to think differently. 

Time To Get Real

Asking yourself hard questions is important to get it all out on the table and be able to move confidently in the direction of your dreams, literally CRUSHING those goals.  That’s what goal setting is all about, isn’t it?  You have a strong desire to move from where you are now to where you wish to be, and you feel as though you need some tools or at least a mapped out route to do just that. 

These 5 questions can truly help you along your way.  Setting your beliefs and honing your perspective are incredibly powerful mindset hacks that have helped millions of people CREATE rather than fall back into old patterns.

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