Is “Belief” A Mindset Or An Act Of Being Mindful?

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A real discussion of new concepts that are centuries old

Belief.  So much comes up when this word is uttered.  

Ancestral beliefs.

Religious beliefs.

Societal beliefs.

Political beliefs.

Belief surrounding what’s right.

Belief surrounding what’s wrong.  

Belief about style.

Belief about music…  

I’m thinking that this list can span thousands of pages.  The point being, a belief is formed about any given subject from now until eternity, yet beliefs are arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT concepts of all time and space.

Let me explain.

Beliefs hold the keys to what we deem “reality.”  They are nothing short of what makes the world go round!  Beliefs create everything from the toothpaste you choose to what makes the front page news for all the world to see.  They are incredibly personal, yet with conviction we attempt to push them onto others in ways that do more than raise a few eyebrows.  

Think of beliefs in terms of magnets.  If I have my set of beliefs I deem right and positive and you have your set of beliefs that you deem right and positive, and we try to duke out who is right and who is wrong, a resistance is created much like that of two magnetic poles trying to come together.  It’s just not going to happen and opposition is created.

However, if I have my set of beliefs that I deem right and positive, and you, instead, employ an ability to be mindful and accept me and my beliefs while still being focused on yours, then there’s an art of allowance where we can both reside peacefully.  Dual perspectives are available and the thrill of choice created.  Magnetic alignment!

Can you just IMAGINE what would happen if we each allowed the other to express  beliefs freely without resistance?!  Nirvana. 

Now back to the regularly scheduled program…

Let’s talk about the difference between Mindset and Mindful.

Having a Mindset

For centuries it was believed that the human brain is “hardwired.”  Things like the family genes and even our environment hardwired our lives and we had no real choice in the matter.  If one grew up on a farm, a farmer they would be.  If one was born into wealth, wealthy they would be.  If one was raised to steal, surely a thief they would become, and so forth.  Moreover, for the longest time, all of this “factual knowledge” came only from observation and reaction to outcomes (and let’s not forget the lab monkeys).  

From this standpoint, you have a “mindset” – a way of thinking and therefore being that is SET.  Beliefs are SET.  Outcomes are SET.  Everything can be explained and predicted because of what has happened already.  

I eat a donut, I will get fat.

I keep all my money, I will be rich.

I go to church, I am a good person.

I work hard, I get paid.

Per these beliefs, you declare the outcome as inevitable because it’s what you’ve seen, and your family has seen, and your friends have seen, etc.  Moreover, things OUTSIDE of you both testify and validate your belief, your mindset.  You have your mind made up!  People don’t change.  Circumstances can’t be any different.  Whatever has been deemed the way it is, well that’s the way it is!  Hardwired.  It’s inevitable. It’s your MINDSET.

Being Mindful

In the early 2000’s, scientists were given the green light to begin to publish actual medical articles and research studies that support a term that had been shoved in the closet for a very long time prior.  The term?  NEUROPLASTICITY.  Neuroplasticity simply proves that the human brain is “plastic”, meaning that it is malleable – that it can be changed.  New information can be coded.  New outcomes can be experienced.  

Furthermore, the study of quantum physics supports the change that occurs in the DNA!  That’s right…  through the course of the thoughts you think which create the beliefs that you hold which turn into the values that you have and the actions that you take – the tiniest shift toward what is wanted rather than what is sure to be your “fate” can and will result in what we refer to as miraculous.  

This all occurs through the act of being MINDFUL.  Mindfulness speaks to a level of awareness that reaches beyond that which we see, feel, smell, taste, and touch.  It’s an awareness that, through the use of our imagination, we can create an outcome that supports that which is wanted rather than falling into the pit of what we know to be our “fate.”  

MINDSET = Fear, need to control

MINDFUL = Faith, ability to let go and experience peace

Time After Time

Through the centuries, great sages of the world have spoken of these two seemingly trendy terms.  For instance, “Fear not” is the most declared instruction in the Bible with its follow up instruction being “Have faith.”  Buddha would have us focused on how to move away from suffering [through choice].  Mother Teresa would have us profoundly believing in the power of love which we cannot access if we employ hate.  Again, one could write volumes that would rival the Encyclopedia Britannica in regard to examples of successes of those who use mindfulness to move through challenges and emerge victorious regardless of experience and upbringing.  

Time after time it has been proven that having a “mindset” pales in comparison to being “mindful.”  Practicing the ability to use the imagination and not only envision what is wanted, but also employ the child-like ability to use the imagination to FEEL what it would be like to live that reality in the now moment – THAT is true creation.  That is what it takes – through the practice of being mindful – to turn away from the circumstances of the senses and reach far beyond into what is coming, thus bringing the desired reality closer.

In short terms – “BE it before you see it” according to the identity that would be illustrated upon arrival. 

So, to answer the question…

“Is BELIEF a mindset or the act of being mindful?”

Drumroll, please…

The answer is – It’s up to you.  That’s right!  It’s a CHOICE.

Are you willing to employ the shifts in perspective, change your thoughts and therefore create a new set of beliefs that support being mindful?  

Or are you set in your ways, believing only in what your past and present senses and experiences have told you are the way it is and the way it will always be?

The way you believe you to be, society to be, the world to be, etc. is how it is and how it will always be for you unless you make the switch over to being mindful.  Just that tiny shift in perspective can make all the difference.  

Look.  Belief in rigidity is so very limiting.  From the catalog of options that consciousness can provide, what you have experienced – even when counting the up to seven lifetimes worth PLUS yours – it pales in comparison to what your dreams have in store.  And what would life be like if you didn’t have to carry the burden of sifting and sorting through the details of those who are on your side and those who are not. Between those who must follow your exact criteria in order to make the cut and those who are obviously off their rocker if they dare to employ a thought or belief that varies from yours. 


Mindfulness opens up a plethora of opportunities, as you come to expect nothing and be open to all possibilities.  What you come to believe is that  EVERYONE has a right to their own opinion, but if it differs from yours then GOOD!  You think and believe in a way that serves YOU, stay in your lane while appreciating the scenery, and if an angry passerby honks at you, the obvious action is to wave blissfully with a smile because you know what you know, and you’re not about to make it your bad day.  

You have come to realize the difference between having faith in the process of being mindful and the fixed control of having a mindset – The choice is clearly yours, so please let us know!  Which do you choose to practice? 

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