A New Approach To Handle Obsessive Thoughts

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Stressing Over Unwanted Thoughts? Me too.  Here’s My Story And Something New To Try.

Did you know that you have full authority over your obsessive thinking? Over your compulsive behaviors? Over your OCD symptoms?

That YOU can all but eradicate intense anxiety simply by taking gentle steps toward gaining control of your thoughts?

Here is where you may want to begin a rebuttal – I totally get it.

And hey! That’s ok – it’s totally up to you whether or not you wish to argue for your limitations OR you can take your first step toward INNER PEACE.

What I am about to share with you has quite literally changed my life and the lives of many of my clients. To NOT share this information with you would be ridiculous.

So, how do I know? What makes me an expert on this subject?

Because I have marched decades in those shoes.

There was a time when I would shout from atop my box how I BATTLED my anxiety! I FOUGHT through eating disorders! I SLAYED my depression. I would tell the story of how I went to WAR against my “negative emotions” and became a SURVIVOR. Through the panic attacks and the depression, the excessive exercising and abusive relationships, through the suicide attempts and self-loathing I FOUGHT, and to look at me today one could say I WON.

But here’s the thing. Had I known then what I know now, I could have told a much different story.

It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to do just that – change my story – that I truly began to see results.

Results that brought me to where I wanted to be – living a generally peaceful life that I love.

Had I known then what I know now, the gentle conversation I would have atop that box would have sounded much more like this:

“I began to realize that I was thinking thoughts that did not serve me most of the time. I started to take a look at these thoughts as though they were talking to me in the mirror, as sort of a solid reflection of who I was being in that moment. When I realized what was staring back, I would compare that experience to the me that I wished to become. It was in that moment that I knew I had a choice – I could continue my current thought patterns and stay where I was, or I could literally laugh out loud at the choices I was making from the thoughts I was thinking and instead choose to mimic the me that I wished to become. As I began to take steps in the direction of that which I desired, all of the stress, anxiety, depression – it all fell away little by little because I no longer held a light on the problem. Instead, I simply took steps toward creating a new me.”

Now, I have to ask… which story sounds more in line with the peace I was seeking to create?

Seriously?  Is it really that simple? Can one really turn negative thoughts into power? Step away from disturbing thought patterns and enjoy being in the present moment?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

I do want to point out, the question was “Is it really that SIMPLE?” Never did I suggest that it was EASY, but there’s a way to have that too… [Insert big smile here.]

There are several mental health conditions that wreak havoc on daily life. The “inner battle” that is waged against these conditions is not only exhausting, but the impact is far-reaching. Moreover, I am willing to bet that the vast majority of the mental health conditions and diagnoses that are popularly known as anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder have those staring down the barrel at them shaking in their shoes.

Up until recently, the traditional treatment plan for just about any type of mental illness included getting some sort of professional help – usually by way of finding a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist.  Some find solace in a support group.  Many also try medications while others slip into the abyss of substance abuse to escape the constant, persistent thoughts that haunt them. 

Now we can find scientific studies that have shown there are other treatment options that support those who experience significant distress on a regular basis. Options such as adopting a healthy diet, relaxation techniques, participating in daily activities that are fun, and – literally my all-time favorite – mindfulness techniques such as mindfulness meditation. 

All of the above are options, but what happens if these repetitive behaviors, compulsive rituals, and anxious feelings just don’t seem to want to go away? 

Seeking effective treatment to combat unwanted intrusive thoughts can be exhausting and make a person feel overwhelmed and hopeless.  This causes even more distressing emotions, helping the person feel more and more broken and leave them in great distress.

But what if I told you there was another way?  A way to relieve much anxiety while still working hand-in-hand with your healthcare provider as you navigate things your way.

There is.  And it’s a good thing you’re here – this may be the very first time you hear of this approach.  The first time that you come to identify this important tool that you already have waiting in your toolbox. 

Are you ready???

Here goes.

The tool is….. your IMAGINATION.

Yup!  That’s right!  Your very own imagination. 

You see – the common obsessions you face all lie within you.  Your experiences, your circumstances are all brought forth because of the thoughts you think that create the beliefs you hold which ultimately serve the value you create followed up with the action you take.  And that action brings you straight in line with the self-fulfilling prophecy you created as you thought the original thought!  (Yes.  Go ahead.  You may need to read that again.  I’ll wait here…)

It was not until I realized that my own stinkin’ THOUGHTS were what caused my angst!  As I moved about my day, I haphazardly thought about (and therefore re-lived) traumatic event after traumatic event.  The long term result of this was that I continued to drag all of those unwanted thoughts into my now experience!  Moreover, as outside circumstances happened that “triggered” my response, I came to realize that it was my THOUGHTS that were bringing on the triggers! 

I came to realize that nothing outside of me was the cause of ANY of my trauma or my trauma responses.  EVERYTHING was coming from inside my very own head.  I was creating each and every monster in the closet and because the thoughts were so constant and so well re-lived, I created an absolute prison for myself in my reality on just about every subject across the board. 

No session of psychotherapy told me about THAT.

So I went to work with myself, choosing first what I wanted – what would show me that I was living a life I LOVE.  Then I began to choose particular thoughts over others and put the involuntary thoughts to bed, once and for all.  I did this by gently observing the thoughts while withholding the full-on emotion.  With the help of the emotion that was present, I could gauge where I stood with the thought, acknowledge it, realize that it no longer serves me to feel this way, and go to work releasing the emotion – sometimes by simply walking away from it, other times having a snot-ravaged cry for myself.  With practice, I was able to keep the wisdom of the story (and sometimes I changed it up as I have the power to do so – it’s MY story) and frame it so that it served me.  By way of this practice I became a champion of my own thoughts.  I let go of all the diagnoses and even the “fact” that I had any type of mental health disorder. (Which, by the way, is not a bad thing – it just didn’t fit in my desired reality, so I let it go.  My story, my choice.)

All of this that I speak of, as I mentioned prior, is universal and can absolutely work in tandem with any current treatment.  People experience things differently – that’s what makes us unique.  However, from a developmental standpoint, the foundational biology and psychology of the human being is all the same.  Therefore, in this work no subject is off limits.  The good news here is that there are different techniques that can support the focus on mental wellness rather than continuing to focus on mental illness.

Shazam!  I believe I just unearthed another topic for an upcoming blog post… BONUS!

In closing, this is where I will do my very best to make myself ABUNDANTLY clear…  Please do all you can to drink in the following:


No matter what you’ve done or haven’t done…

No matter what you’ve been through or are going through now…

There are people out there who LOVE you, (you can start with this girl right here!) and if you can just muster the courage to love you a teeny-tiny bit then those people will find you and you will find them.

You are worthy.

You are perfect.

You are enough.

You are significant.

You belong.

You are capable.

But until you start thinking it for yourself, nothing outside of you will have the ability to show you just how much you are all the things!

Is there something that you are grappling with in this present moment?  If you’re comfortable, please share in the comments below if anything you read here today is something that you believe can help you.  You can also ask questions!  Questions ROCK.

I am here to share my journey with you, but also to help.  I teach content that supports alternative ways of stepping toward total wellness on every level – no subject is off limits!  If this is of interest to you please contact us and we will book a consultation. 

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