Sunday Short & Sweet: Setting Up Your Week

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Are You One Who DREADS Monday?  Let’s FLIP IT!

If you have been here for a moment and have read any of our other articles, you will know that it is wholehearted truth that without a doubt our thoughts become things.  This is not just fluffy metaphysical ideology – it’s as factual as the law of gravity that keeps everything from floating aimlessly in space.

To take this a little further, if you have no idea why things happen the way they do, why you feel the way you do, why people act the way they do, well then you in and of yourself are allowing your thoughts to float off into space and therefore be at the mercy of everything outside and around you!

Still think you don’t have a choice in the matter?

Believe that your circumstances are not created by you?

Think that there is no other way out?

That’s alright!  You can only start where you are.

So here we go.

It all begins with knowing what you want to accomplish this coming week.  From there, setting up your week is really nothing more than using your imagination to help guide your direction.  

For example, if you are looking to create peace and calm in your world just because, geesh, that would be nice, then you would do the following:

  1. Quiet your mind.  Go for a walk, go for a drive, enter a room and close the door – find a location and a time where you will be with yourself and can avoid distractions.  Don’t forget to put your phone on DO NOT DISTURB!
  1. Use your imagination to bring you to your end result – that which you desire.  Sit with it long enough to be able to FEEL how it would feel to be there.  Lose your focus?  No problem!  Just bring it back as soon as you notice you’ve trailed off.  It may take some practice, but hang in there. 
  1. Once you have that little movie playing in your head, allow thoughts to come in regarding how that is all playing out.  For instance, if you see yourself eating a different breakfast or engaging in a different morning ritual, or if you see yourself responding to a person or situation differently in your end result then take note!  
  1. Once you have played your end result out in your imagination, record what came to you.  Sometimes what comes to you seems completely illogical – record it anyway!  Logic oftentimes has no place here.  Choose to override your self-conscious awareness and simply be in the moment.  
  1. From the list you generated, choose something that you can do – FOR CERTAIN – throughout the upcoming week.  We call these “Ta-da!’s”  They’re different from “To-do’s” because the “Ta-da!” actually gets you closer to your end result.  

This is VERY important… You want to make sure you are committed to carrying out your vision!  If you choose to turn away from it, you are giving yourself invisible instructions that confirm whatever self-sabotaging belief systems you’re kicking around.  

  1. Schedule out your week adding your “Ta-da!’s”  Make these your TOP priorities!  Assure that you are as positive as humanly possible while participating in your “Ta-da!’s” – they are bringing you closer to your desired reality each and every time you do them!  IT’S EXCITING!

I do this every single Sunday.  It provides TREMENDOUS focus, challenges me, and helps me LEVEL UP in ways I would not have otherwise.  So, when Monday rolls around I am READY! and I greet the day with gusto because I know EXACTLY what I need to do.  I get that done and the rest is gravy!

During Foundational Study Groups participants are able to join me!  As well as my coaching clients, of course.  

We move through the visualizations together and I provide you with a document that helps frame your desired reality by breaking things down by 30 day milestones, weekly planning, and then daily routines.  This sets you up for great success as you begin to do THE THINGS that will bring you the greatest leaps and bounds to what you desire rather than spinning in perpetual circles wondering when the ride is going to stop.

If this sounds good to you then please contact us to see when the next 6 week Foundational Study Group begins!  This is just one small thing we do that has the potential to bring about life-changing results, if you allow it… 

Please tell us!  What do you find difficult about planning out your week?

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