Intuition: Your Sleeping Superhero

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Waking Up Your Very Own Superhero Is Easy! But First You Must BELIEVE…

We have all heard about it.

Higher power.

Gut feeling.

Sixth sense.

We have all experienced it.

That little voice inside our head.

Vivid dreams.

Physical sensations.

We have all done it.

Whipped a towel around our back – secured it with a clothespin and launched off the picnic table to save the day!

Slipped into mom’s stilettos – slathered on a bit too much lipstick and hit the cardboard stage, bound for stardom.

Grabbed the wooden spoon out of the utensil drawer – turned up your favorite tune and ROCKED OUT while hearing the sold out stadium scream your name.

So why, when it comes to using our built-in Superhero on purpose, do we have a hard time believing that one even exists, let alone hold the belief that we have the ability to use our own thoughts to drum up the next life-changing chance encounter?

Why do we choose not to believe circumstances can be any different than they are as you view them through your limited lens?

How is it that we spend so much time looking around outside of ourselves and make decisions about our own lives based on what’s going on with other people or even the world? 

Why is it that we so often succumb to what feels like failure as we point at others and begrudgingly mumble, “Must be nice” as you watch them live their dreams?

Do you realize that you are unconsciously DECIDING to see things this way?  That YOU are ultimately painting the light whatever color you desire?  That your circumstances and experiences are but a direct reflection of your inner state?

No?  Well then let me ask you this…

How much time do you spend beating your own heart?

Flushing out and cleaning your own blood?

Flexing the muscles that inflate your lungs?

Pushing food through your system?

Creating waste in your intestine?

Distributing oxygen throughout your body?

You don’t!  So much of our amazing body simply works all on its own AND we employ the faith that it will do so.  BRILLIANT! 

But riddle me this…

What if that gut instinct of yours received more credit than you give it?

What if those warning signs you felt were met with inspired action and a smile of gratitude instead of fear or frustration?

What if you chose to smile most of the time instead of complaining?

WHAT IF you listened to and actually followed the advice of that inner voice that speaks of your dreams?

As “involuntary” as your life may feel – bit it a series of unfortunate events or a whirlwind of magical happenings – we get to CHOOSE them by using something that seems downright invisible.

All this stuff that seems to just happen by chance – it comes about by using your awareness backed by faith in its existence.

It’s called your INTUITION.

Perhaps it’s not popular to believe that we each employ one.  Sort of like an “ego” – no one wants to be accused of having one of those either, however we all most certainly do.  Life would be most mundane without them!

The ego or self-conscious awareness is really nothing more than your senses.  It’s what we want to feel, see, smell, taste, and touch. It’s the attitude we wish to employ.  It’s what we CHOOSE to experience in this world.  That’s what we are ultimately here to do, right?  Experience our world?  It’s only when someone’s opinion and personal context butts in where we somehow allow it to become a “bad thing,” and it’s quite funny, don’t you think?  Someone speaks up about another having an overbearing ego when their very own ego is large enough to detect it!  Things that make you go hmmmm…

That’s a blog for another day.

Having intuition is not much different.  For the longest time, in and out of history, it is woven in the threads as a mystical ability to be able to tap into one’s intuition.  Psychics are said to be masters of this craft and religions have called it witchcraft.  Both are hilarious as literally everyone who falls into the category of homosapien – also known as “human beings” – employ an intuition.  In fact, it’s THE SUBJECT that is shied away from in most science books simply due to the fact that neuroscientists have yet to pinpoint where it’s housed in the human brain.  The closest that they have come is to say that it’s awareness that is generated using the right side of the brain (the hippocampus), the vagus nerve, and the gut (your second brain).

Oh, let’s have some FUN with this!

Providing colorful perspective is how this author LOVES to roll, so let’s get down to it.

Practicing the use of your intuition is both fun and outrageously interesting.  It certainly does take practice IF you are interested in using it to reach a deeper level of inner wisdom and experience life as it was meant to be… FUN!  Contrary to popular belief, we are absolutely capable of using our intuition to assist in our everyday life, as well as being able to set and achieve our dreams!  This requires out-of-the-box thinking, as the intuitive person uses their imagination to pay close attention to that which is wanted.  Yup – intuitive skills come from honing the IMAGINATION. 

For many this is good news as it finally gives permission to reach into the childlike world of innocence (In other words, “in no sense” – using no logic, only imagination).  Indeed, allowing troubles to melt away regardless of outside circumstances or personal experiences, and making the tough decision to relax can be the biggest challenge.  The requirement that follows can also be a hair-bit tricky, and that is to be the version of happy you are as that awakened Superhero!  You see… that Superhero already exists and is not apart from you, in the same way that the blank canvas of a DaVinci is apart from the masterpiece.  They are actually very much one in the same. Do you see?

Yes, this can be extremely challenging, but as we [should] know, with the biggest challenges come the biggest rewards.

It’s time to dream the dream!

Here is when you get to reveal your ultimate SUPERHERO. 

The aspects within you that allow for literal magic to happen. 

Miracles, if you will.

Now, to employ logical reasoning for this version of “higher self” is most likely not going to happen.  It may be way too much for most, but for those who believe, it has become the easiest way to turn a difficult situation into a masterful opportunity.

By tapping into your inner Superhero, you give yourself the permission and ultimate ability to be the star on your very own center stage.  This is accomplished by closing your eyes and viewing yourself as the you that you would be if you had a magic wand. 

What would you look like?

How would you speak?

How would you move?

Where would you live?

What would your perfect average day look like?

Where would you vacation?

What vehicle would you drive?

What would ensnare the senses?

What would delight your soul?

Yah.  THAT you.

When you have that “you” in your sights, next you want to FEEL into what it would be like to bring that you into full being.  What would your true nature be that shines through?  What would be your purpose?  What’s your level of feeling healthy and vital?  What’s it like to be in charge of you?  How would life feel if it was lived with ease, flow and your very own version of what it’s like to be totally FREE and in love with every single day?

Do you see where imagination comes in?

WHY NOT USE IT!?  We are equipped with one for a darn good reason, problem is that not many adults choose to go there.  They shut it down!  For some strange reason using one’s imagination becomes “silly” in adulthood.  It would, in fact, be…. irresponsible. LOL!  Screw that!  Give yourself FULL permission – COMPLETELY allow yourself to go there.  Drink in all the possibilities that support you being the fullest, most incredibly badass Superhero EVER!

Ok, so what happens when it’s over and we come back “down to earth?” 

Who says you have to?

But I still have no money to pay my bills.

But I still go to bed alone.

But I am still 90 pounds overweight.

But I am still in chronic pain every single day.



Hear me out here, folks.

Which way of thinking do you believe would bring you to your Superhero – the one trapped in fear that constantly mutters “But… but… but…” or the one who whimsically dreams of ways to be FREE, joyful, and their very own version of happy? 

Better stated… which way holds the exact energy of the you that you wish to become?

You guessed it!  Certainly the latter.

At the end of the day, the truth of the matter is that your intuition is guiding you to be every bit of that which you wish to become.  Your imagination is your very best friend.  It full-on helps you gain access to your intuition on purpose which is a great way to bust through negative emotions and make what you would deem the right decisions that put you in the right direction to achieve that which is wanted.

You cannot be engulfed in fear and employ complete faith at the same time.  You must choose, and for so many, that “choice” is running on autopilot and is at the mercy of outside circumstances.  This is only going to leave the unconscious person riddled with fear of what’s going to happen next.  This, my friends, is no way to live and a new choice MUST be made to consciously take a step in a new direction.

So, what do you say?  Can you begin to take steps toward waking up that Sleeping Superhero NOW? 

Can you use your imagination to live out the you that would just rock your socks?

Regardless of your current circumstances, can you accept the concept of intuition and know that it’s always there for you, willing to assist?

All you have to do is dream and allow yourself to feel GOOD. 

I know for many this may feel like an impossible feat.  It takes practice and it takes time, but you are totally worth the effort! 

If this information intrigues you, but you feel as though you need more to help you truly grasp the concepts spoken about here, please consider joining one of our 6 week Foundational Study Groups.  Here we discuss the science of consciousness, help to detect what might be standing in the way and change that perspective, and assist with learning how to allow the dream to even occur. No subject is off limits and the long term results of this work have proven to be – in some cases – life-changing. 

We invite you to give it a try!

In the meantime, please let us know in the comments below – How likely are you to allow yourself to use your imagination to tap into your intuition on purpose?  Are you one who believes in intuition and the power of your imagination?  If you could see yourself as your awakened Superhero what would be one of your most beloved aspects? 

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