Grateful For Another Year: Redefining the “Good Things” In Life Using 5 Inspirational Quotes

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Has This Past Year Proven To Be A Challenge? How Redefining “The Good Things” In A Mindful Manner Can Help.


Any day one shows gratitude is a special day. At the very core level it’s simple – you cannot have a heart full of gratitude and a heart full of angst at the same time. It’s just not possible, so guess what? You have to choose.

I know, I know. There are so many factors to consider and quite frankly, it’s not too far off to feel like you’re living life smack dab in the middle of a dodgeball game! Life today can be HARD, and if you have zero focus on present blessings then achieving your highest appreciation for anything is going to prove to be a struggle.

But here’s the good news.

There is a better way to assure you have a great time this coming year. Good fortune with great friends, good food and good times are waiting for you right around the corner. Having the ability to step away from the anxious dependence of not only knowing but also feeling what’s going on all around us is one of the greatest blessings of mankind. This removal of focus on that which is out of our control anyway opens up space to be able to contemplate and ultimately redefine what really matters in our very own existence. When we place our focus on what we CAN impact and what CAN bring about a beautiful day even amidst the storms then we are focused on the “good things” according to our very own happiness.

And believe me…. there’s a WHOLE LOT of power in doing just that.

Below are this author’s pick of THE BEST, THE MOST POWERFUL quotes that contain both inspirational and mindful expression of human nature in its truest form. Although challenging, the present times are here for a very good reason – to promote change and human evolution. Big things are happening amidst the chaos, and choosing to have an attitude of gratitude is a much more fruitful way to navigate through these difficult times. It is my hope that these quotes help you redefine what are considered the “little things” in life, bringing you peace of mind and comfort in knowing that you are indeed in control.

“I find you have to take each day as it comes and be thankful for who’s left and whatever you can still do.” – George Burns

The great George Burns. As a child I remember absolutely loving that man’s face.

In the grand shift of redefining what we consider to be the “good things” in life, this quote sums it up nicely. People closest to you – family members, old friends, new friends, beloved colleagues (they really do exist) – be grateful for them! Allow THOSE people to run through your mind before drifting off to sleep, not the ones who pissed you off that day! Allow your heart to open and try to think of specific things about these people that make you smile.

The second part here – your vitality. Geesh, this is definitely something that we often take for granted. When things just seem to run automatically, we often don’t think of them! Not until we’re reminded of them through pain, that is. Then what happens? You worry. Get upset. Tell anyone who will listen just how much pain you’re in. What do you think that does? Yes – it absolutely exacerbates the issue. Even in the midst of being in pain one can still be grateful for good health. Have you ever noticed that if just one part of your body hurts you totally focus on it? Meanwhile back at the ranch the rest of your body feels great and runs like a top! Giving gratitude to the rest of your body is a fantastic way to move past the pain, and even if you’re not in pain – ESPECIALLY if you’re not in pain! – try to be thankful for all that you’re able to do in that healthy, vital body.

“If the only prayer you ever say in your life is thank you, that would be enough.” – Meister Eckhart

I LOVE the simplicity in this quote. The words “thank you” are quite literally the simplest form of gratitude, but they pack a MASSIVE punch. When spoken from the heart, these words have the power to radiate appreciation and love in big ways.

How is saying “thank you” a prayer though? Again, it’s said from the heart with gratitude and appreciation. I cannot think of a more impactful way to express a thankful heart.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation of all abundance.” – Eckhart Tolle

Ok… so who out there is a WORRIER? Not a WARRIOR – a WORRIER. That used to be me 110%, so much so that I spent most of my life crippled with anxiety. One of the things that took me out of the cycle of worrying is gratitude for what I already have and being in the moment of it as much as humanly possible.

Acknowledging what we have in this now moment is a fantastic way to express gratitude so long as we do it with gratitude in our hearts. Of course we can look around and compare what we have to others – social media is a fantastic outlet for that – but is it a productive and positive use of our time? Does it help to redefine the good things in life or does it keep us stuck? The easy way to assess that would be to think of what you desire your reality to be and feel into the abundance of being, doing, or having that now. It’s in these particular moments where we gain the opportunity to FEEL abundant even if your current reality pales in comparison. Creating a tension between where you want to be and where you are now actually helps you frame up the structures needed to move bravely in the direction of that which is wanted. At that point you’re off to the races! But feeling whole now and enjoying what you have that surrounds you in this present moment truly is a phenomenal way to pave the way to your highest version of abundance.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward

Amen to that, Mr. Ward! Here is where the rubber truly meets the road with redefining the good things in life. Being grateful is a choice and it’s quite literally the most important thing you need to focus on when looking to make shifts in your life. Simply having the opportunity to be able to experience common days, have a job, and experience ordinary opportunities is outstanding! This last year has proven that employing any of that within your attitude can and will make a tremendous difference and YOU a better person for it. You’ll simply FEEL better – you will WANT to do good work. What once felt like hard work will feel like ease and flow. When you turn that frown upside down the whole world changes with it! Who wouldn’t want a little of THAT?

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of all the thankful quotes, this is one that gives some of the best advice.  Cultivating the habit of being grateful across all subjects is a literal gift of life.  You can come to expect great things when you include gratitude in all things because it simply feels just so darn GOOD!

And of all the habits that we create, why not create a life changing one!  One that pretty much guarantees a great year!  One that brings about true happiness!  A grateful heart is a wonderful thing and greeting every new day with gratitude while ending every day giving thanks…. Well, it just doesn’t get any better than that. 

It is our true hope that you have enjoyed these quotes and that you, yourself, are considering creating a habit of expressing gratitude.  Our question for you is do you already employ a way of thanksgiving or expressing gratitude in your daily life?  If so and you don’t mind sharing please share what that is! 

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Wishing you a lifetime full of gratitude and thanksgiving as well as the wholehearted faith that you are totally capable of redefining what would be considered the good things in YOUR life!

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