Looking For A Whiter, Brighter Smile With Less Sensitivity?  Be Mindful For Less Side Effects!

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Be It At-Home Teeth Whitening or Professional Whitening Treatments, Teeth Sensitivity May Be A Major Concern…. But It Doesn’t Have To Be.

If you’re thinking of visiting a dental professional or of purchasing a whitening product to achieve that super white smile there are definitely some things that you can do ahead of time to make the teeth whitening process much more tolerable, perhaps even enjoyable!

But hey!  Guess what?  It starts with YOU.

When we make a decision to do something that may be somewhat of a splurge, it typically feels one of two ways.  It’s either a super celebration because you’ve been looking forward to leveling up and doing something extra for yourself OR it could be cause for concern because, well, what if…

What if you can no longer enjoy cold beverages or hot drinks?

What if your dental health is compromised?

What if you develop long-term sensitivity issues?

What if you splurge and waste your money?

With whitening-related sensitivity being the number one common side effect when it comes to signing up for that whitening session it truly doesn’t have to rule your brain because get this… You get what you focus on.

What to do… What to do…

It’s actually pretty simple!  With no subject being off limits, a teeth whitening procedure is easy to set up a mindfulness process for.

First thing’s first!  As soon as possible, envision yourself having FUN with those amazing pearly whites when all is said and done.  There is no problem here!  You are simply wanting whiter teeth.  Believe in your heart of hearts that you could not have made a better choice.  Envision that smile after the significant improvement has been made.  BOOM!  You’re looking and – most importantly – FEELING amazing!  Spend as much time as possible truly getting into the feeling space of the end result.

Second, replace thoughts of having severe tooth sensitivity with the KNOWING that you will experience only temporary tooth sensitivity or none at all.  Use your imagination to put yourself in the saddle of eating an ice cream cone or indulging in a delicious plate of piping hot pasta with no ill side effects.  Using your imagination is a great way to calm what you initially think may go wrong and replace it with all that could go so right helping you to feel GREAT!

Third, have a tooth sensitivity product or two on hand.  There are many over the counter products that can be an effective way to proactively and reactively treat that dentin hypersensitivity.  Assure that you have a soft-bristled toothbrush and perhaps some desensitizing toothpaste or gel.  Although these things may not be needed at all, having them on hand will settle down that part of your brain that says, “Let’s have something in the arsenal just in case!” Also, using tooth sensitivity toothpaste for a time prior to the treatment may actually help prep your teeth enamel.  Even if it doesn’t exactly do that, it will definitely prep your brain because you know that you have done something proactively that was a good idea with good intention!

How To Heed Warnings Mindfully

Common sense and good judgment go a long way here.  If you are using an over the counter teeth whitening option, do your part by reading through all of the manufacturer’s instructions.  This will ensure that you are going about things the correct way AND it tells your consciousness that you know what you are doing.  If you fail to take the time to read through everything there may be a level of doubt associated with the procedure.  These doubts will automatically invite fear and that fear will draw in exactly what you’re fearful of!  So, do your part – become informed and follow the directions.

If you are opting for professional treatments that come from a dental office, then it is required that your dental professional make you aware of potential issues, side effects, and the hazards associated with tooth whitening.  This is when you truly need to decide that this is all protocol and procedure – none of those factors MUST come into play!  Simply listening to be informed without fretting is your best bet here.  Taking yourself back to the experience you envisioned when you used your imagination is key to overriding the fear that might haphazardly be planted in your head by all the warnings. 

Lastly, whatever you do, don’t get emotional over others’ experiences!  They were dealing with their own set of thoughts and may not have taken the proactive action that you did.  Moreover, they may be prone to worrying and fretting!  Neither will ensure a positive experience and/or outcome.  If their stories don’t bother you and you can listen passively, then simply smile and allow their experience to be one for the books.  If, however, you feel yourself getting anxious then simply ask them to stop. 

That’s A Wrap!

Having any type of dental procedure done can have the potential to be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be.  Tooth whitening is not on everyone’s radar!  It’s unique to you, so if you want to have it done, go for it!  Feel it out and figure out the best way for you to go about getting the pearly white smile that will make your heart sing.  It’s important!  YOU are important, and looking as good as you feel makes a boatload of difference!

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Marching on in gratitude and grace!  Best wishes to you.

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