Do You Need To Be A Specific Person To See The Signs Related To The Law Of Attraction?

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The Truth Bombs About “Signs” According To The L.O.A. – They Just Might Shock You!

Have you just stumbled upon the Law of Attraction? This very trendy belief of the way the world works is creeping up faster than that of a speeding locomotive.

Angel numbers begin speaking to you.

Number patterns are found on a license plate.

Spirit guides are said to be all around.

Positive affirmations begin showing up on your social media.

Tarot cards become your new best friend.

All of this as a white feather falls from the sky…

Validation of your “spiritual awakening” can be wonderfully overwhelming as time and time again signs just keep showing up out of nowhere and signify big changes are ahead. As we experience this shift, we obtain a deep connection with these undeniable signs. Moreover, we come to expect specific outcomes to show up in our own reality because after all, this MUST be the universe’s way of patting you on the back and telling you that good things are well on their way, right?

Well…. sort of.

Here’s the deal. The utmost truth of the matter is that NOTHING outside of you is responsible for ANYTHING that is happening for you. Law of Attraction signs are actually your subconscious mind letting you know that you’re on the right track. YOU are 110% responsible for that positive energy, that “gut feeling” you had just before you landed that new job – YOU are totally responsible for your manifestation journey and bringing exactly what you want into your physical reality. Moreover, most people have “signs” backward. They think that the signs they are experiencing tells them that there’s something en route – au contraire, mon frere! Actually, such signs tell you that you are energetically in alignment with that which you are seeking!

Here’s another one for you. It is no secret that the vast majority of people out there believe that their manifestation process really has nothing to do with them personally. Rather, many hold onto the belief that they need someone outside of them to show them the way or “heal” their past traumas throughout their lifetimes in order to properly manifest their desires.

Not true.

Powerful signs that are believed to come from such things as spirit guides, gods, deities, angels, spirits, the chicken man, tarot cards, psychic mediums, reiki, the moon, their sun sign – this list can go on and on and on – those things are all OUTSIDE of you. Aside from being interesting and fun, not one of those mediums have any sort of “power” to bring you anything.

Here’s the truth.

YOU are responsible for it all. The best way to ensure that you are using the Law of Attraction to its fullest potential is to first know what you want. Up until that point, you simply “go with the flow” and receive whatever is handed to you – good, bad, and ugly. For some reason, as we meander around in adulthood we lose the ability to dream. To use our imagination. To be whatever we want to be and actually ALLOW the inspired action to be revealed so that true action can be taken. One of the easiest ways – perhaps even the ONLY way – to make this happen would be to use your imagination. I know. I know. It has most likely been a long time since you have allowed yourself to simply imagine being, doing, and having all that you wish to be, do, and have. And isn’t using your imagination a little bit childlike? YES! Using your imagination is a great way to CHILL and ALLOW yourself to just be, to let go, to relax, to play! Just as we did as children.

Another massive clue that you are experiencing a huge change is the fact that when things go wrong, you begin to see that mishap as more of an opportunity than a burden. You no longer wish to tell the sad, sad story of the trauma to anyone who will listen. Instead you go about asking why that happened and you dial that response inward, pinpointing the specific action that was taken which created an unwanted situation so that the next time you are presented with the opportunity, you choose differently – in a way that supports your desired reality and keeps that vibrational energy high.

Ok. But… HOW?

The thing that makes the most positive impact on this process is hands down establishing a successful meditation practice. In fact, successful meditation = successful manifestation! Closing out the world and being in and of oneself will absolutely help bring limiting beliefs to a halt and put you into a vibrational match with that which you desire. Your vibrational frequency is truly critical here because it’s what will place you on your path of least resistance and make your next steps clear as a bell (that’s the inspired action alluded to earlier). A true meditation practice takes practice, but it’s worth every moment of time spent.

SO!  How do you know you are on the right path?  You will not only begin to notice these clear signs, but you will also FEEL differently when they come your way.  This is a sure sign that you are becoming an energetic match to your desire! 

Back to the original question – do you need to be a specific [type of] person to use the Law of Attraction?  HECK NO!  Everything in your life – everything in our world – everything that we experience is a manifestation created by the creator – you!  Me!  Each individual on the planet.  And yes, there most definitely is power in numbers here, and the manifestation will definitely match that power, so becoming aware of where you place your energy is very important. 

How do you become aware?  First and foremost check your attitude.  Are you one that points the finger at everyone around and outside of yourself while telling the story of how messed up this world is and how people are horrible humans?  Do you ask yourself, “Why me?” on the regular?  Well, there’s your first order of business.  Getting your crappy attitude under control is first up.  How can you expect to feel, be, or receive anything better when that attitude is driving your orders?  Oh, and by the way, that attitude IS something you CAN control!  You cannot control what’s going on outside of yourself, but you can change up how you perceive it.  Making that one tiny shift in attitude will absolutely assist with manifesting what is wanted rather than being a player in the blame game and giving energy to all that you are griping about.

Secondly, focusing on positive things is a huge player in purposeful law of attraction work.  Yes, it requires you to [at first] be illogically positive, but I promise you… Focusing on positive things yields positive changes and brings special meaning to manifesting on purpose.  If you constantly employ negative thoughts you will only be able to bring in more of that.  It may feel hugely uncomfortable to do so, but finding good news in the bad, choosing the best thing instead of the worst, and CHOOSING to have positive thoughts more than the opposite will only shove you in the right direction.

So then next time you are out there looking for that specific sign that would give you permission to go for that dream job, find new people to do life with, or perhaps even that true love you’re seeking, remember this… When you get that sign, you’re already on your way! 

You do need to be a specific person for the L.O.A. to work your very own miracles… you need to be your BEST version of YOU!  You’re already in there – you just need to CHOOSE to let him, her, or them shine!  If you need assistance understanding how this works, that’s our specialty.  Please contact us to set up a free consultation!  In the meantime, SHINE ON!  

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