Stop Thinking About The Past In 3 Easy Steps

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Finding It Difficult To Live In The Present Moment? We Have Unlocked The Best Ways To Move Past Mistakes And Unwanted Thoughts – Take Your First Step NOW!

We have all been there…

“Remember when…”

Reminiscing can be really fun and bring back all sorts of nostalgia, but what happens if the past literally haunts?

Past events and difficult times can make it seem truly impossible to “move on.” Strong emotions can create an inner turmoil that is crippling. So what can be done about these negative feelings?

Why is it so important to “live in the present moment” anyway?

This is an AWESOME question.  And there are MANY who would love nothing more than to engage in a heated discussion regarding what is about to be revealed.  You see, if one fails to live in the present moment, then the invisible instruction here is that the “now” sucks.  And why is that important?  Because, according to the Law of Attraction which is alive and well working for you every minute of every moment of every day, you will simply just continue getting more of what sucks. 

You see, how you feel is EVERYTHING.  It is the compass that guides your direction and your thoughts are what set the coordinates.  Moreover, every single bit of it is a CHOICE.  I know, right – OUCH!  You may want to slip in a rebuttal there, I get it.  You may be one who believes that everyone out there – even perhaps “God” – is out to get you.  Maybe you even feel like you’re getting “punished.”  If any of that is the coordinate you are setting, then per the Law of Attraction it must be given.  HOWEVER.  What about this… what if you can CHOOSE a different perspective?  Even if it seems completely illogical to do so – what if you could change the way that you feel about any given subject at any given time?  Even physical pain!  Even scary financial burdens!  Even the wellbeing of loved ones!  What if you could use living in the present moment to literally pivot from the past that haunts you?

I have REALLY good news. 

You can.

Living in the present moment rather than bumping around in the past is just common sense.  Let’s tell of this scenario in another way – say you cut yourself on your arm doing something stupid.  You knew better.  People who truly care about you cautioned you against it and even warned you, yet you went and did it anyway, so now here you are with a gash on your arm.  You determine through conscious effort that it must be sewn up, so you go to the emergency room and voila!  Your cut is stitched.

Right here, right now you are at a crossroads. 

You can CHOOSE to leave it alone, leave the incident in the past, and MOVE ON. 


You can CHOOSE to tell everyone who will listen all about your sad, sad story over and over and over again.  You soon come to find that the more you tell it, the more dramatic it gets.  Not only that, but because you won’t leave it alone, it starts to bleed, gets infected and the stitches start popping out while oozing puss.  Before you know it, you’re back in the emergency room, this time getting treated for MUCH more than the original wound! 

And so begins the saga again.

Does the first option sound appealing now? 

Boring – yes. 

Simple – absolutely!   

So here is where we get all gummed up…

Logical – cue up the confusion!

It may seem totally, utterly, and completely illogical to step out of that first trip to the emergency room and KNOW that all is well and everything is ok.  But in our haste to take care of our unpredictable, ever-changing, constantly wavering EMOTION, we think thoughts and tell stories that keep the past alive and very, very well.  So much in fact that we keep ourselves stuck there.  The stories become so well rehearsed and so well told that they come to form our identity.  They define our mental state.  And the BIG kicker here is that because we have CHOSEN to ALLOW all of these difficult emotions to sail our ship, we begin to develop what appear to be and are defined as mental health issues. 

There is another choice here.  Rather than resting in the comfort zone of painful memories, shifting the narrative (yes, telling a different story), allowing these specific situations to fall away as part of our past, and creating new memories that serve so much better is all an option. 

You see, your interpretation of your story is THE ONLY ONE that matters.  No matter what the traumatic event was that you have given power to, you can take that power back simply by choking out the memory.  That’s right!  Shut off the oxygen supply and fire can no longer burn.  YOU are in charge!  As the predominant creator of your world you have full power to switch-up or even drop a memory.  Yes, it takes practice and for some it takes time, but it’s totally possible. 

You may feel that your past plays an important role in your present or even in your future.  If your past is one that serves your present moment and your future, then great!  But if it doesn’t, well, then you may be operating from an EXTREMELY limited perspective.  Specific issues such as low self esteem, repetitive negative thoughts, and anxiety disorders can be linked to exactly this.  You see, if you want something different, then parts of your consciousness are going to absolutely freak out simply because “new” has not yet been deemed “survivable.”  For instance, if you have struggled with your weight your whole life, then you may feel like “being fat” is just your fate – that you have created this identity that totally supports where you are now and puts the kibosh on any chance of becoming fit and healthy.  NO WAY JOSE!  All you have to do is take action every single day that supports the fit and healthy version of you that already exists! 

How do I know it already exists?  Great question!

We know it already exists because you have a wish for a fit and healthy body!  This is not different from the carrot seed knowing that the carrot within already exists.  Or the acorn knowing that and oak tree already exists.  Or the blank canvas knowing that the creation of a masterpiece is always an option!  Get my point?  If it crosses your mind to want to be, do, or have something different for goodness sakes, allow yourself to wish for something different!

Which leads me to the last step. 

The human being has had hundreds of years of evolution.  There’s a good reason why we don’t carry around clubs anymore and konk someone over the head whom we want to start a relationship with.  Talk about the past!  As a civilization and a collective, we have endured countless events that give the opportunity to muckle onto traumatic memories and continue to bring them into existence.  Wait!  Whoa.  What? Read that again.  Yup!  You got it!  WE – each individual involved in the collective consciousness that exists in and amongst ourselves – WE create our own histories.  It’s done in the exact same way as was explained earlier on in this very blog.  We hear of external factors and then we make it our life’s mission to thump around “history” while totally declaring its relevance in today’s world, so GUESS WHAT?  Historical dramas repeat themselves time and time and time again.  Not only that, but we give a TREMENDOUS amount of power to declaring wars! 

War on Drugs

War on Cancer

War on Racism

War on Slavery

War on Domestic Violence

And folks, what do you believe is happening each and every time a war is waged?

You guessed it!

The stitches are ripped out, the puss starts to ooze, and the infection begins only each time it grows bigger, and bigger, and bigger…

This is probably the biggest subject that requires the most attention because it’s literally a global scale.  That aside, it’s also what has the largest impact on humanity.

The emotional pain associated with historical events has plagued people since the inception of history.  But here’s the thing… what one person experiences as emotional pain another may experience as good things.  You see, our opinions are nothing more than our own, individual emotional reactions to a topic.  That’s it!  Spewing – ok, EXPRESSING – our opinions does what?  Makes YOU feel better because of your own feelings that day?  Makes you feel important?  Heard?  Have you ever stopped to think about the ripple effect you may have as you express that opinion? 

I am certainly not meaning to insinuate that having an opinion is a bad thing.  All I wish to do here is challenge your thinking.  Expressing one’s self in a supportive, healthy way is fantastic and adds great energy to that ripple effect!  However, the latter cripples evolutionary progress.  Judgmentally screaming from the rooftops on things that you personally have no control of (to include yourself, if that’s the case) is the most effective way to KEEP that which you are so up in arms against right here, front and center in existence. 

So what do you do instead?  Practice some deep breathing and move into a more peaceful state regarding the topic.  Just cannot do it?  Then leave it alone.  Pivot your attention and focus from that which is challenging you so deeply and think of something you practice gratitude for.  There really is no right or wrong thing – for all topics you deem “right” there is absolutely someone out there who deems them “wrong,” and neither one of you will win a prize for screaming louder!  If possible, state your opinion from a place of non-judgement (otherwise known as OBSERVATION) and let it be!  No war.  No argument.  Preserved energy!  Positive emotions!  Yay!

Boiling it down to 3 Easy Steps…

To truly leave the past in the past in real life try these 3 steps:

Step 1:  Have the courage to change your story.  Giving yourself permission to do this takes GUTS and you will most likely NOT hear this advice from any mental health professional!  (It would leave them without a job.) It takes less time than you think to achieve better emotional health this way, but it’s TOTALLY worth it!

Step 2:  Remove yourself from the negative zone by inviting more life experiences that support where you want to go rather than that which keeps you STUCK in the past.  Setting up new connections with what serves you is setting up new connections within the brain.  Choose different ways rather than the same old, same old.  New friends!  New skills!  Invite it all as it applies to what you wish to be, do, and have and just watch what happens next…

Step 3:  Watch your attitude.  If you are negative most of the time, then please understand that you are contributing to the negativity on a collective scale and you will only experience the negative impact of your choices.  Yup, I said it!  Your CHOICES.  You CHOOSE that negativity!  You cannot be negative and grateful at the same time, so choose.  Thumping your negative opinion and raging war on this, that, and all the other simply because you are entitled to do so only illustrates your lot in life and nothing else.  You’re not going to grow a field of abundance from soil of lack.  Taking baby steps to adjust your attitude to one that is in the pursuit of joy will bring you more of that.

Sometimes the past hurts.  That doesn’t mean that you are destined to live a life of pain.  You have just as much authority to choose happy thoughts as you do painful thoughts.  Your belief in your dis-ease can be strong, but your belief in your wellness can be equally as potent!  We all make mistakes.  The instant that they are made they are history.  Forming repetitive thoughts of regret or actively running analytics on negative memories can truly disrupt daily life, making living in the present moment a continuous nightmare.  Change can be HARD – which step would challenge you the most?  Tell us about it!

If you need help making shifts that provide lifelong joy,  please reach out and contact us.  We provide private, one-on-one coaching to help you form a new thought cycle on any given subject.  Email us and we will set up a free consultation. 

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