TRUTH BOMB! Is There Such A Thing As Intuitive Exercise?

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Can You Really Pump Up Your Intuition? There Is A Way – Let’s Get Into It!

Raise your hand if you are one who believes that in order to gain insight into yourself and even your future you must consult someone outside of you.

You would need to “book a reading.”

Go see a psychic.

Consult your numerology.

Look to astrology to see where you land on the chart.

The absolute truth of the matter is this…

EVERYONE – and I mean EVERYONE – employs intuition.

It’s fun and entertaining to go to a psychic, an astrologer, a numerologist, a card reader – and these professionals (if you happen to find a “real deal” intuitive) are skilled at entering into the field of the higher self and sharing what they “see.” However, it’s also all too easy – especially considering how trendy these practices are today – to stumble upon a fraud or worse – someone who is a literal wolf in sheep’s clothing, claiming to be “of the light” when they actually practice the polar opposite.  YIKES!

So, rather than feel as though you need to rely on an outside source for answers, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your very own intuition to live a life you truly love? Well let’s get into it then!

So, what’s this exercise thing all about…?

Don’t worry – no cardio needed here.

We are going to make this just STUPID simple.

There absolutely IS something you can do to pump up that intuition.

The requirements are few, but they are absolutely necessary for your success.

Are you ready?

Here we go!

Drumroll please.

Drumroll….. please.

(5 extra points for naming that movie)

The exercise that is necessary in order for you tap into that inner wisdom and intuitive abilities is….

Learning how to TRUST yourself.

That’s it!


THE best way to hear that inner voice is to 110% of the time go with that gut feeling.

So many times we “hear” what to do. This comes in the form of ideas, concepts, ah-ha moments,etc.

But I must ask you this…

How many times do you experience these thoughts and then dismiss them as “pipe dreams” or impossible wishes? How often do you get the idea and then try to fast-forward the scenario by playing it out in your mind only to come up with a gazillion ways why it would never work?


On the surface you may say with 100% certainty that you trust yourself. That may be totally true! If this is the case, you take risks due to the fact that you know you’ll either hit the mark or you will learn a lot in the process. On the other hand, you may wish to argue that you have responsibilities and therefore must be realistic. You may even hold the belief that all this intuition stuff is just bull – that if you actually employed intuition then why don’t you have a different lot in life and why do you keep getting what you don’t ask for. That latter is a sure sign that you indeed do not trust yourself.

The exercise of trust will have you living in the present moment where all is new no matter what your experience has been or what the predicted outcome could be. What you are truly training here is your subconscious mind where the power of intuition lies. A great way to practice using your intuition is to find a quiet place, close your eyes and use your imagination to put yourself in the reality that you desire. Have the conversations. Feel where you are. Smell the smells. Be there in the moment and take in all the physical sensations that you possibly can.

Once you come back to your now reality, you will experience gut instincts – the intuitive senses that are necessary to know what inspired action to take. As human doings we spend a whole lot of time being really busy. With intuitive insight on your side, you now hold the key to taking action on the things that will bring you straight toward your desired reality. Before you know it, things just sort of start lining up, and the more you practice being in the desired reality, the stronger your intuition skills become.

Now here is where the trust comes in… You must allow the intuitive self to “come through” – become aware of how your body feels, keep an open mind, and truly allow any and all opportunities to appear in your daily life.  This part of the intuitive process is something I like to refer to as the art of allowing.  Believing with your whole heart and TRUSTING that this innate wisdom is coming through for your highest good will help you flex those intuitive muscles.  Having faith that everything is always working out for you is really the only conscious effort that it takes to bring what a moment ago was just a dream into conscious awareness. 

Using your imagination on a regular basis is an important step that may not be overlooked.  Playing the scene of what is desired over and over will put your full attention on what will be drawn to you like a magnet, giving you greater access to knowing what the next step may be. 

Over time, engaging in fun intuition exercises like these helps the imagination take over and ultimately destroy any limiting belief that one may have, keeping logic as what holds the individual back instead of trust that drives the momentum forward.  Everyday life will never be the same as you come to bring what is wanted into your personal experience. 

So flex that TRUST MUSCLE!  Have faith in the process.  Allow yourself to be the recipient of anything you wish to be, do, or have. 

By the way, with nothing standing in your way, what would YOU wish to create?  Let us know in the comments!

Do you employ a belief in content such as this, yet do not know how to get started?  No problem.  We offer personal coaching to help you step firmly on your path to creating a life you love!  Please do not hesitate to shoot us an email requesting a free consultation.

Dare to dream, my friends!  Dare to DREAM.

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