A New Take On Overcoming Fear That’s Centuries Old

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There Are More Bible Verses Surrounding The Subject Of ‘Fear Not’ Than Any Other Subject. So Is Fear Biblical? Or Psychological…? You Decide!

365. That’s how many times the phrase “fear not” is said to show up in the Bible. Interesting number, isn’t it? 365. So basically yes – it’s said once for every day of our calendar year. So if “fear not” is a main message in what is said to be the book of instructions for one’s life, then why is there still so much fear happening in the world? Isn’t God’s word enough for one to follow suit?

I am sure it would have to boil down to one thing and one thing only. The question here is, do you BELIEVE?

Now, I am no religious expert and I have found myself at the mercy of challenging the words of the Bible time and time again. With that being said, I feel the need to preface this entire post explaining that I am what is known as an Omnist – one who has a deep respect for ALL religions. It’s not because I am indecisive or trying to be challenging or difficult. I simply feel that anyone should be fully able to express, worship, and believe in any religion they see fit. Who am I to tell others what is “right” or “wrong” with their beliefs? I will, however, express my observations regarding the Bible in this text, so if you feel this may offend you, now would be the time to exit stage left.

The Word Of God

It is said that God is our heavenly father. If we were to break that down and take it literally, we would come to know that God would then be the patriarch of our existence. With that being said, and as a “parent” wouldn’t it be fairly safe to say that God only wants what is right and good for his children? That as children of God we should have a healthy fear of the lord and be everything that we can be to emulate God’s perfect love? In fact, we were even given an example – Christ Jesus, the actual Son of God. The One to sit at the righteous right hand of the Lord himself.

Throughout the Bible, we read of God’s word of a promise of eternal life and the experience of the peace of God – that is, if we BELIEVE.

So here’s my first question… Why would a God so loving, so capable of assuring a joyful life for each individual on the planet, so POWERFUL – why would He even put something like the emotion of fear on the docket for one to experience? Why would he let bad things happen instead of just creating a world of perfect peace and harmony?

If he knows every one of the very hairs of your head then WHY would he allow any one of his little flock to “suffer”?

So glad you asked.

God’s word. It’s the little voice inside your head. It’s all things love and light. It’s the encouragement you receive from out of nowhere that guides you to your purpose. To God’s purpose. It helps us to know what the right thing is to do and what the best ways are to accomplish the feeling of God’s love. It’s to have fears, yet know that those fears are simply satan’s lies and that battle? It’s the Lord’s. Furthermore, it’s already been won, so what’s there to worry about? What’s there to FEAR?

Ok! Here we go! PLOT TWIST.

As we navigate our own lives on a daily basis, we absolutely will face difficult situations. However, we do employ a constant companion – one that has the full-on ability to truly enhance everyday life and completely torch fear regardless of what’s going on. No subject is off limits! In fact, this constant companion is also the same thing that brings on the anxious thoughts that drum up our greatest fears, leaving us begging for God’s help AND it blesses us with miracles of the most profound nature.

That’s right. I said this companion has the POWER to land us in heaven or in the depths of hell.

Do you know what this companion is yet?

Why, it’s your BRAIN, of course!


Here’s where things get REALLY interesting.

Have you ever tried looking at the Bible as a PSYCHOLOGICAL book of enlightenment and personal power? There are PLENTY of ways to prove this is so, but for this interpretation, we will stick to the basics as it’s literally THE BEST way to completely eradicate the type of fear that holds us back from experiencing and living a life we love.

Most likely one of two things are happening for you right now: Either you are so intrigued that you have to read on or you are thinking that this author is so far off her rocker that there really is not returning, HOWEVER much like a train wreck, you cannot turn away.

Honest and for true though, throughout the Bible there are major elements to support the fact that there is not a “God” that exists outside of us, instead we are God consciousness and God consciousness is within us. In fact, we each share the life force or energy that supports our existence. Along with this energy is a level of consciousness that is also shared. This is what the book of Genesis is all about!

Making the shift to understand this concept by way of learning about Universal Law has opened up a massive expansion within my understanding of both the human brain via neuroscience and the psyche (levels of consciousness). Universal Law number 1 is The Law of One. We are not that much different from each other. In fact, we are MUCH more alike than different! The one thing that allows, if you will, for differences to occur is CHOICE. Our brains are equipped to make CHOICES based upon the plethora of options available for us to experience. The All Knowing One (God) is that of our highest level of consciousness and is well aware of our past, present, and future. It wants the very best for us (just as a parent would a child) and it knows how to go about getting us there. HOWEVER. We often do not listen to “God’s help” and we go it alone. If we were instead able to fully trust and have faith in the fact that everything is always working out for us, that there’s a process already cued up and available to escort us to our ultimate experience, AND that all we would need to do is align with and take part in the inspired action that would take us to our ultimate life, then would we have to spend one moment in fear, questioning what’s going on or how we are going to “arrive” at that place we so wish to be? I think not.

“Are You Saying There’s No God?”

No. Under no circumstances am I saying that there is no such thing as God. I do, indeed, wish to challenge your perspective and belief, however, surrounding the long-time taught concept that “God” is some big, bad entity outside of us that is either doling out punishments or rewards. Not the case. Instead, try looking at the Bible as more of a way to understand how to put the type of fears that leave us stuck or in oscillation on the back table. This type of living keeps us in a perpetual hell, wrapped up in worry and despair. In fact, that then becomes our new way of being leaving any type of heaven out of the realm of possibility simply because it is no longer logical to feel good about much of anything.

I am feeling as though I could do a 40-part series on this topic alone. I find it completely fascinating that there can be a new perspective taken even on the most popular books ever written. This perspective, I will say, has changed my life. Allowing myself to be all that I see, feel, smell, taste, and touch within the realm of my own personal highest order regardless of what is going on outside of me has been not only liberating, but has been cause for much celebration across all subjects.

It has been from this vantage point that I have been able to put down, step away from, and basically deny the type of fear that disallows my evolution. I have added this concept to my content due to the fact that I have experienced the bulk of my success due to the shift I experienced. I fear not simply because to fear is to call in more of what is unwanted. Call it a Biblical journey. Call it psychological. Call it scientific. I call it a choice. I get to choose my own personal level of fear today knowing that the presence of God is readily available every single moment of every single day.

So for the love of God, love yourself enough to know that you can be trusted to pull off your divine plan. After all, no one is going to swoop on in and do that exercise for you or write that book. Nothing outside of you is going to make you eat right or help you think more positively rather than sit in the pit of doom and gloom. No one else is going to show up to improve our daily lives. WE are indeed individually responsible for all of it! The first step is having the courage to unapologetically declare what it is you want. From there, fear diminishes once you put one foot in front of the other and you do what it takes to be that what you wish to be NOW.

Please do tell – do you find it exciting to know that you and you alone have full power to be able to overcome any fear you may have? Or do you find you are frustrated and feeling unvalidated in the fear you carry? Either way you have some great information to sort through. You cannot get it “wrong!”

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