Oops! Dropped Your Ex Too Soon And Want Them Back? There’s A Reason For That! Here’s What You Need To Know.

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What Role Does The Law Of Attraction Play In Relationships And What Is The Best Way To Use The Manifestation Process To Attract Your Ex Back? Let’s Find Out.




The Law of Attraction works across ALL subjects! It’s the same thing as gravity – no one is left out and no subject is off limits. Just because relationships involve other people doesn’t mean that the LOA doesn’t apply!

But Why Are They So Darn DIFFICULT!?!

For some, to say that maintaining relationships of any kind seems easy is an understatement. And there are a couple of reasons for that. For one, “those people” have met their match! Some people are so in sync that there is very little requirement of what we lovingly refer to as “work” because after all, that’s what relationships take, right? Work? But when you have found THE ONE with whom you have energetically connected and aligned with, well, then loving them and receiving love from them is a piece of cake!

However, there is a second, often less obvious, key component to success here…

And it’s not exactly popular.

The second, yet most important piece of the puzzle here is YOU. That’s right, you! How you feel about YOU is EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. If you are not happy with yourself, then there is no way you are going to bring good things into your romantic relationships. If you are riddled with negative thoughts, then you are going to attract exactly what you are dishing out energetically. If, somewhere tucked away in your subconscious mind, you are hating on you then you will attract someone who unfortunately does the same. So can you blame the ex for all the mistreatment and relationship decline?

I understand this may be a question that causes discomfort – all I ask is that you hang in here with me for a moment.

You see, in a new relationship, you are pumped full of positive energy! After all, you attracted this individual, right? They picked YOU! How flattering. And that feels really, really good UNTIL that subconscious part of you that has a bone to pick and then in comes the negative energy. What started out as a loving relationship quickly turns into self-fulfilling prophecy of yet another failed relationship with a variety of negative outcomes. After all, this is what ALWAYS happens, right? SMH.

Let’s dive a little deeper here.

So Are You Saying That It’s All ME?!?

Nooo… And yes.

Here’s the thing.

No one likes to think they are the cause of what is happening in their reality if what is happening is less than stellar. This is why we spend so much time pointing the finger and looking outside of us for validation.

Validation that we are RIGHT.

Validation that we are VICTIMS.

Validation that we are MISTREATED.

Validation that we are ENTITLED.

And the list goes on.

Furthermore, as we tell the sad, sad stories to all who will listen and receive the exact feedback that nourishes the original belief, then our belief forms what we like to call our TRUTH and then we are off to the races! If you kick the partner to the curb, no one would blame you one bit. If you take the partner back then you are a saint for giving someone so horrible a second (or third or fourth or fiftieth) chance. It’s your story! You can tell it any way you want.

Thing is, the more you tell the story, the more people you bring on board to add their own opinion, form their own belief, and energetically funnel all of straight to your circumstance making the story that you are choosing to tell a powerful tool for manifestation.

So… what story are you choosing to tell?

“But I Didn’t Have A Choice!”

“But it really happened this way!”

“How dare you take my story away from me!”

“I was HURT! And you are saying I asked for this?!? It is all my fault?!?”

“Why are you invalidating my feelings?”

Every single question or statement above allows the storyteller to do one thing and one thing only – argue for their limitations. Out of all the ways you could potentially tell your story, if you choose the part of “victim” YOU are the one who is completely invalidating yourself. After all, what anyone else thinks of you and your situation or circumstance has less than absolutely nothing to do with you. It really doesn’t! The only reason why you would be looking for someone to commiserate with you is so that you can have crap feelings validated. Then you can at least feel a little better about yourself.

But I have to ask…

What if you didn’t have to “worry” about gathering the troops to validate your limitations? What if you could shift the narrative so that you could see your challenges as opportunities rather than what broke you?


So What Does This All Have To Do With Getting My Ex Back?

I’m getting there! I’m getting there!

To answer that question, EVERYTHING! If you know anything about the Law of Attraction you would know that like attracts like. If you employ negative beliefs about most things most of the time then you are going to bring that type which you believe to be true right into your active experience. The reason for this is because negative beliefs are backed by negative emotions, and negative emotions take you further and further away from high vibrational energy. The more common limiting beliefs are for you, the more you can rely on a specific outcome. That specific outcome becomes your norm, so if anything else comes into frame you are not necessarily going to recognize it as a good thing.

Let me give you an example.

You constantly argued with your significant other, hence the reason why that person is now your ex. Arguing became the only way you felt heard in the relationship, so whenever you needed to express yourself, off you went! At first, your partner argued back, but before long, your partner simply stayed quiet and said absolutely nothing. This infuriated you even more because now they didn’t even care enough to argue! Didn’t they want to FIGHT for your relationship? Didn’t they employ the same passion for the relationship as you? Because you did not receive the correct response from your partner, you assumed that the relationship was over and no longer worth pursuing. Clearly you cared and the other person did not.

Taking into consideration all of the other possible alternatives, can you see how this is an example of a limited view within the relationship? Could it be that your partner had no idea why you became so argumentative and perhaps did not agree with your accusations of lack of passion or lack of caring? Could it be that the two of you were simply on different frequencies and simply needed to adjust the dial?

There Is A Way To Figure It Out For Sure…

When relationships deteriorate over silly things, there’s a very good chance that things are most definitely NOT over. If this is the case, there is some very good news to report! Positive outcomes can be just as easy to achieve as negative outcomes. Remember… The Law of Attraction is working whether you believe in it or not AND it’s available for manifestation on purpose just as well as manifesting simply because the wind took us there! The committed relationship you once found in your partner can be yours again with a heavy dose of higher frequencies and a positive attitude.

The first step to getting your ex back is to look in the mirror. What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? As this may be difficult to gage at first, take a look at how you generally are with others. Are you supportive or mostly combative? You may even feel that your combative nature is your way of showing support! Do you employ more positive thoughts than negative thoughts most of the time? Are you primarily cranky or do you experience good feelings the majority of the time? The way you are outwardly is generally how you perceive yourself inwardly.

While seperated and solo, this would be a good time to take a stark inventory of these and questions like these. Keeping a journal is a great way to track your progress. Progress toward what, you might ask.

Excellent question.

The next step is to take some time to visualize how YOU wish to show up in any relationship. Be it intimate, collegical, friendship, familial – how do you want to relate to and with others? You cannot change them, but you most definitely can adjust you! If someone is having a bad day, does it HAVE to be your bad day, too? Do you want to show up as the gifted advisor? Or just as a loving support person? Here it is a good idea to block out a time or two out of your day and truly play full out as you immerse yourself in the vision of exactly the way you wish it would be.

The final step is to be any part of that what you wish to become within the relationship NOW. As you spend time in visualization, you come to know how you respond, behave, and how your overall attitude is. Because of this, you know what needs to happen within your thoughts, so you can choose things that can happen now. This is a “Be it before you see it” way of practicing rather than a “Fake it ’til you make it” which just feels… meh. Practicing being that which you wish to become now helps you experience the positive emotions associated with your end result. This helps all of your levels of consciousness come together and feel SAFE.

The last thing to do at this point would be to see yourself running into that ex! When you’re ready, the perfect time will come where you receive the opportunity to connect, and if you have been focusing and practicing on how you want things to be according to what YOU can control and bring to the table then all will go so very, very right.

So, it is possible – TOTALLY POSSIBLE! – manifest a soul mate and thrive in a healthy relationship that honors both partners. Following these suggestions can bring long time benefits and help you manifest love in a way you never thought possible prior to reading this content. The added bonus and huge PLUS is that you grow through the process! See, your partner is there to help you mirror your best AND worst traits. Frustrations will come and go, but if you hang in there (SO LONG AS YOU ARE SAFE) and make adjustments within yourself, showing up in a way that you would love to even if it feels weird, wonky, and illogical then you will move past the limits you place before yourself.

Does any of this make any sense? What landed with you? We would love to know! Please let us know in the comments.

Need help understanding or coming up with ways to make these adjustments? Does a change or shift in perspective sound like something you would love to experience, but you need a little guidance? We currently have a couple of spots for private, one-on-one coaching available. Moreover, we are holding a Foundational Study Group to learn and practice these concepts beginning on January 1, 2023! Let’s kick off the New Year focused and ready to live our very best lives. Best to you always!

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