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“What Do I Love About Myself? A List of Things That Make Me Amazing.”

Ever Consider What You Love About Yourself?  Think It’s Overrated?  Presumptuous?  Rude?  Well, If You’re Looking To Create Change It Starts In The Mirror, And Some Self Love May Be Just What’s Necessary To Succeed. It’s not always easy to focus on the good things about ourselves, especially when we’re having a hard time or…

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If you are here, it means that you are serious about stepping into the very exciting world of consciousness, turning thoughts to things, and therefore becoming a CONSCIOUS CREATOR. Yikes! Not sure what that means? No worries – Let’s use the metaphor that launched this venture.

I want you think of what it means to hire a charter for fishing or even for whale watching.

You are exchanging the value that’s necessary to take you out deep in the exciting, unpredictable, and MASSIVE waters that make up the vast expansion of the ocean in order to have the time of your life. To see things you have never seen. To experience things you otherwise could not have experienced.

That’s exactly what you can expect from Creatist Blogs. So, welcome. Come aboard! We’re honored to be your guide.

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