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Our Process: What to Expect

Purchase any of our services below and we will reach out with a welcome e-mail providing all the details of your coaching package. All coaching is conducted 100% remotely. Access to internet, a computer and basic computer literacy are required.

Super Confident Creator Study Group

This popular option lays the foundation for success! Participation in this 6-week study group is necessary in order to get the very most out of the coaching experience. It’s also great if you are simply interested in the content and about learning how you can have a blast truly creating your reality on purpose.

No Prerequisites Required

Guided Discovery Session

Explore all that currently exists in your desired reality! This super fun and exciting closed-eyed process will help illustrate the identity that awaits you. From this illustration, you receive foolproof inspired action to take!

Prerequisite: Foundational Study Group

The Ultimate Coaching Package

3 mo. / 12 wk. 1-on-1 live weekly coaching and check-ins

Prerequisite: Full Consultation

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